Clean Blackhead Vacuum & Pore Acne Pimple Removal

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Adjustable Electric Blackhead Remover Skin Care Device Face Deep Pore Acne Pimple Removal Vacuum Suction Facial Diamond Beauty Tool
Strong adsorption, difficult to clean black head, acne oil, comprehensive suction.
With double cup suction, it is designed for small parts of the alar, and large aperture for cheek cleaning.
It can prevent suction and skin damage, for it is rich in vitamins and protein that can bring nutrition to the skin.
It can restore the freshness without leaving marks, make it fine and smooth.

Product size: 180*45*45mm/7.08*1.77*1.77"
Weight: Battery type: 50g; Rechargeable type: 120 g
Charging mode:
Battery type: 2XAAA Battery(Not Included);
Rechargeable type: Lithium battery power supply; USB charging
Material: ABS
Power: 6.5W
Gear: Battery type: 1 Mode; Rechargeable type: 3 Modes
Suction heads quantity:
Battery type: 2pcs They are: big round head (suction black head); medium round hole (with large suction, suitable for those with too much grease).
Rechargeable type: 6pcs They are: microcrystalline skin (exfoliating keratin); large round head (sucking black head); small round hole (cleaning pore); elliptical suction head (tightening skin); medium round hole (with large suction, suitable for excessive oil); Mini round hole head (with small suction, suitable for sensitive skin)
Functional head type: microcrystal skin (exfoliating); Large round head (black head); Small round holes (to clean pores); wrinkles (prevent fine wrinkles)
Function: remove blackhead; To remove the cuticle; tight skin; Prevent wrinkles.

Using Method:
Facial Grinding:
1. To replace the microcrystalline beauty head, then clean facial skin and dry.
2. Start from the lower jaw, move the beauty device from the bottom to up.
3. Put the beauty apparatus on the cheek and move from the inside to the outside.
4. Place the beauty apparatus in the forehead area and move from the center to the both sides.
5. Put the beauty device in the 1 area and move up.

Blackhead, Grease and Makeup Cleaning:
1. Replace the big round hole or small round hole hairdressing head (choose the probe and gear according to the skin's endurance).
2. Aligning the probe hole to the skin part that needs to care, but please do not move back and forth, please move in one direction. And the using time should not be too long.

Fine Lines Nursing:
1. Change the oval hole hairdressing head.
2. Let your hand to hold the machine in the corner of the eye, nose, mouth and other parts for nursing. And then adjust the machine stall according to need.
3. You can absorb the skin parts that need to be treated, quickly remove them, then press them on again, so that they can be repeated many times, about 5 minutes at a time.