Pansly Hair Growth Removal

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Removing unwanted body hair need not be expensive and time-consuming. Try the Pansly Ultraspray. It is a spray-on hair growth inhibitor that will effectively and painlessly inhibit hair growth using natural ingredients. This spray will make the whole process of removing hair, smooth and inexpensive.

Get that smooth hairless skin you've always wanted.

Formulated only of the most natural ingredients from all natural plant-derived extract, This Painless Hair Growth Inhibitor Spray can inhibit growth in the toughest hair. Compatible for use by both men and women, it will leave your skin smooth and hair-free!


  • Made with Hypo-Allergenic and Gentle Depilatory Formula
  • Contains a unique formula offering a long term, permanent and absolute solution to hair removal, that can be used on even the most private and delicate parts of the body.
  • Reduce hair density and activity and prevent hair from becoming rough and black.
  • Supplements the nutrients lost in the skin after hair removal, avoid dry skin and keeps the skin smooth.
  • Safe for all ages and skin types, even with the most sensitive skin.


  • Net content: 20ml
  • Weight: 33g
  • Shelf life: 3 years