Magnetic Therapy Silicone Insoles

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Magnetic orthopedic insoles have a very wide medical significance: 
This magnetic shoe insoles can make the blood vessel of thenar outspread, absorbing the heat, and transmit the teat to apparatuses all over the body, urge the deleterious material of blood vessel , such as calcium, lactic acid, uric acid excrete outside quickly, and make your blood circulate fluently,can strengthen health,pain relief and resist ill. 

1. Thenar massage can strengthen the health,pain relief, weight loss.and resist ill; 
2. Shock absorption and comfortable, clean and airy; 
3. Separate perspiration and deodorize, wash and use freely. 
One size fit all. Suitable for Men (28 cm), Women (26-27cm). You do not have to choose the size when buying, you can order it directly. 
Because the size of our insole is adjustable. If your original soles are shorter than the new insoles, you can change the size by cutting along the available size line if necessary. 
Easy cut to fit your foot. 

Instruction of use: 
1.Remove the current soles of your shoes. 
2.Place the new soles with your current soles back to back. 
3.If your original soles are shorter than the new insoles, you can cut the bottom edge of the new soles according to the size of your current insoles. 
4.Insert the new insoles into your shoes. 

Doctors strongly recommend replacing your soles every 3 months to promote healthy feet. 

Package Included: 
1pair Magnetic Shoe Insoles